Mice - Aitch

Put me off

Got a couple statements to make and some paper to chase
I've been grafting all year, still ain't taken a break
Fam, I need to vacate, get my shades out the case
Trust me, can't nobody ever throw shade on the Aitch
Shit ain't ever easy, had to wait for my plate
Hella promises were made, but man are blatantly fake
Had to change up my ways, I just weighed up the game
Now the radio plays are just making me cake
Lookin' steezy, got your girlfriend in her feelings
Then I'm linking Simon, talking millions in meetings
Nineteen years old, four bills when we go eating
And nineteen on the plate, four circles on the key-ring (Skrrt)
Looking at the charts 'come like looking in the mirror
Murdered every feature, when you greet me call me 'killer'
Rapper, not a preacher, God forgive me, I'm a sinner
But I know you got my back, so I give thanks before my dinner
Hottest younger in the UK, give a fuck what you say
They was poppin' back then, cuzzy, it's a new day
Rappin' 'bout a MAC-10, you're thirty, it's too late
Running up your gums, you ain't worthy, it's too fake
Here chopping riddims up with Whyjay, gotta whip a new tape
Blocking women out my life, I ain't got time for you, babe
Box of liquor on my rider, tryna find a new wave
Call the driver, run outside and get inside the new shape
Taking a piss, ain't popped a pill but I'm taking a trip
Straight to the moon and then straight to the booth
Go and lace up my shoes and head straight to your bitch
Basically, I'm going crazy with this
You ain't taming me, please stay away from the kid
Hit the belly, now I can't stay away from the fridge
Really poppin', you ain't stoppin' me, I'm made for this shit
One step, two step, kill a rapper, who's next?
Pussy, I'm the truth, so don't ever get the yute vexxed
Doing what I do, I'm making moves, I got my groove set
Headlockin' the game, gonna finish it with a suplex
I've been killing this, seriously, where the fuck have you been?
Beat the odds and blocked the haters, every point got proven
Let me in and now they're sick because our boy's a nuisance
Take the piss a little bit, but you can't knock the movement
Mum and dad are happy shit be taking off
And they ain't gotta worry 'bout a mortgage 'cause I paid it off
Had to take my shot because I really couldn't take my job
Now I'm making guap, it's kinda hard to find a way to not
With my baby-cakes I'm baking off
You know she love the baby-face, it's bait she call me 'babe' a lot
I take her on a date, potential bae, she really made the spot
Sexy with the make-up or sexier when she take it off
Someone cool me down, I'm on fire, this shit be flaming hot
I'm sick of celebrating, all I heard this year was "Take a shot"
All I get is W's, this winning got me faded off
Speak my mind every time I see the mic
Say it how it is, I just be me, fam, I don't need to lie
Easy with it, G, I bring the piece to keep my peace of mind
Do it for the cake and I won't sleep until they eat a slice
Boy, don't fuck about, I swear I'll pull the shutters down
You're lucky if I take a break, you're fucked if I put something out
Put the beat to bed, go cut my cheque and then I'm cutting out
Zoob you to the head, it's 'cause your cookie's got me bugging out
Why do man pretend they like the fucking with the kid?
Indirectly sending, oh, you're looking like a bitch
I've got love for everyone, but trusting them's a myth
Live your life upon edge, they try to push you off the-

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