Last All Night (Koala) - Oliver Heldens feat. K Stewart

[Verse 1:]
The lights are low, hot anticipation
Waiting for the show, feel my heart is racing
Losing all control, got me so impatient
For you, yeah, yeah
Cause in my mind, I see you touching me
In ways undefined, I don't wanna stop it
I've gotta press rewind
So baby, tell me what we gon' do, gon' do

Oh, don't you dance without the lights
Let's make this last all night, yeah
Oh, let's do it till the sky turns bright
Let's make this last all night
When you look into my eyes, the world stops and sparks fly
There's nothing sweeter than this paradise, sing
Baby, set your love on fire
We can make this last all night

[Verse 2:]
Feel this energy building up inside
It's like a sweet release, you're playing with this emotion
Oh so cleverly, you've got me so addicted
To you, to you
Cause in my head, I know the night doesn't really have to end
I'm ready, steady, go, I am so prepared
And whatever you say, boy
I'll do


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